Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I'm A Bad Man (An Apology)

It's true, I'm awful. Unprofessional, undependable, un...  uh, unbelievable and unhygienic.

So yes, I've not posted since *cough* 27th October (my, has it been that long?) and I never did deliver that The Void review I promised, nor written reviews for the games I've played since then such as Dragon Age and Batman: Arkham Asylum, nor have I even so much as posted links to interesting articles written by much wiser and older men and women than I.

Yet, to my eternal disbelief, StatCounter kindly informs me that some of you have actually been checking this site even up to today. For that I say "Thank you, thank you for your faith and interest good Sirs and Madams" and add "Why?!"

The reasons for my disappearance fairly straight-forward: I admit when I finally got my hands on The Void and started planning out how to review it, I was at a complete loss. How could I begin to describe and evaluate a product like this? It burst my brain and, in fear and shame I avoided producing anything. Around the time of that cowardly retreat, my university course (BSC Computer Games Design) assignment work began in earnest and after a day of writing game design document material, wrestling with UnrealEd 3 and such all I wanted to do was sink into a good game and stop thinking. Checking even the major games sites seemed too much like hard work. (Which is really quite pathetic now I say it).

This is to say sorry for my extended, unplanned and until now unexplained absence and I shall do my upmost to not let it happen again. If for some reason I do disappear for longer than a week without warning, well you may spank my bottom and call me Bernard for I shall have been a very naughty boy.

Thank you again, and I'll see you shortly.

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  1. Your quick post reminds me that I really have to test "The Void" during Xmas holidays. I'm sure it is a hard game to review, but I hope you will find an approach to do so. Good luck for your coming work/project ! (The "spankers" are waiting for you ;) )