Saturday, 20 February 2010

Syndicate Meets Uplink: Subversion Revealed

Almost nine years ago an unknown bedroom-based trio of visionary graduates released a 20-something MB game about hacking government and corporate networks in the year 2010. It went ignored until it was reviewed in the foremost PC games magazine of Great Britain. The game of course was Introversion's Uplink, a game which has become a solid cult. While Introversion has gone on to bigger and better things, this year releasing Darwinia+ on XBLA, the loyal community has been begging for a return to the world of corporate espionage.

Last night, they delivered. At the BAFTA awards Introversion took advantage of the stage to demo their next game, Subversion. While the existence of Subversion has been known since May 2006, Introversion were tight lipped on what the game actually consisted of besides procedurally generated cities down to the level of individual sticks of furniture.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Katawa Shoujo: Forget Any Controversy

It's articles like this that make me A) want to shut up and stop pretending I'm anything like such brilliant writers as Leigh Alexander or B) go out and hug someone and tell them they're perfect the way they are. I won't talk talk too much here, just to add my own thoughts on the subject.

Mini-Review: Return to Ostagar

So the Dragon Age DLC Return to Ostagar has finally been released for PC. Not that it was immediately apparent; the announcement was made on the Bioware forums and left for the people of the Internet to disseminate. Anyway, review time. I'll assume you know what Dragon Age is and are aware of the events of the first act, otherwise not much of this will make sense and spoilers!