Monday, 21 December 2009

Jordan Thomas: "I Hire Badasses"

Not the best quote I might have chosen but it leaps out at you.

Jordan Thomas is my favourite developer. Even beyond anyone at Valve, the lads at Introversion or any of the Old Guard. As a student games designer, I live by the pull-out quote from his interview with Kieron Gillen: "I want my scares to leave scars." He made my two most favourite games levels ever: Thief 3's Shalebridge Cradle and BioShock's Fort Frolic. And now he's heading up development of BioShock 2 at 2k Marine. Who knows what he'll do next.

So I am getting great pleasure out of reading Alec Meer's interview with Jordan Thomas on EuroGamer. I should get right back to it, not quite finished it, and you should check it out yourself.

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