Friday, 11 December 2009

Team Fortress 2 - WAAAARRRR!!!

Hey, waddya know, it DOES mean war!

Further to the teasing hints released previously, Valve have announced the release of a special double-class update featuring the Soldier and the Demoman.

The War Update, as it is known, will give both class a three new weapons and one class with get a special, as yet unknown fourth weapon. The question is which one? That depends on who kills the most of the opposing class in the next three days. For example, should more Soldiers kill Demomen than visa versa, they will be given the fourth weapon and visa versa.
Every day for the next three days another weapon will be announced for each class. We can also expect/hope for another map or two as is usual with TF2 updates and probably a couple of hats.

So whatcha waiting for? Get out and end a few friendships!

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