Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Flesh: Horror Mod For HL2

Not that kind of flesh!

A rare and beautiful thing has occured: the release of another no-combat mod for Half-Life 2. Flesh is stripped of combat, jumping, crouching, inventory... everything but movement, use world item and a sneaking mode. Everything else is atmosphere which Flesh has plenty of.
As is proper and necessary for a horror theme, great attention has been paid to sound and lighting. Mysterious and intriguing and full of dark style.

I can't tell you what happens beyond the first 10 minute because I appear to have unconciously decided to play it on iron-man mode and ran into the first threat I discovered. Oops. ... eehh, but now I've got to go back and finish it. Still, for me, my story ended very early on. Death comes for us all.

Still, whatever. A non-combat mod is hard to find and any mod of Flesh's visual polish is a pleasure so check it out. Download it from Flesh's ModDB page.

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