Thursday, 10 December 2009

Say Hello To My TF2 Friend!

Or: You Do Of Course Realise This Means War?

Mymymymy, what have we here? Cruella DeVille watching over nine sets of lethally opposed twins divided by what colour clothes their mummy's made them wear? Well, perhaps, but it is definitely also our first official look at the omnipresent MC 2Fort, the Administrator (previously known as the Announcer).

New to the Team Fortress 2 website is this intriguing five page comic giving us a glimpse on the other side of the microphone and revealing that there may be unknown factors as to why RED and BLU are eternally fighting each other over the same scraps of land and poorly-concealed super secret bases. It all seems to be leading up to the release of a new game mode hinted at by the announcement voice clips that were included in the latest patch. Listen to them in the video below if and you will be just as unprepared to speculate as the rest of the Internet.

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