Sunday, 13 December 2009

Batman Returns (Again): Akham Asylum 2 Announced

As if we didn't see it coming.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is almost certainly my Game of the Year and given the mountains of praise heaped upon it and the buckets of money it made (presumably, I have no details on that matter) it's no surprise that a sequel has been announced.

The news came at last night's Spike Video Game Awards ceremony (an event which I understand aims itself squarely at the casual and ill-informed gamer) with the release of the below trailer.

The original game finished with a hint of the next adventure involving Two-Face. Though some might be disappointed/relieved to see the Joker and Harley take pride of place in this trailer, those with a quick eye will have picked out a few extra clues.

Firstly, a damaged poster seen at 00.35 and on the official website seems to show a half-burned Uncle Sam-like character. Harvey, you rascal. Moments before that, at around 00.33, can be seen the dilapidated frontage of the Iceberg Lounge. Now, I don't know how or if it appears in the comics but it seems a prime location for the nefarious Penguin to put in an appearance. At least signs of his activity might remain and it seems too good an opportunity for Rocksteady to miss.

I'm sure there's more allusions throughout the trailer that I have missed or don't understand - what is the importance of 'Sionis' I wonder?

View the trailer in HD at

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