Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lazarus From The Pitt (And DC)

I'm not even going to look at when my last post was. I've begun a few posts since then, languishing abandoned in some digital vault never to be looked at again.

Speaking of vaults, guess what's been taking up my entertainment schedule for the past many weeks. Yup, Fallout 3, which I've played through in its entirety at least three times now for various reasons within the past couple of months. Let's count them: Retail; retail with no fast-travel; Steam GOTY; Steam GOTY with Fallout Script-Extender enabled... yeah, so that's four. Steam informs me I've played in the irradiated sandbox for almost 100 hours in what can't be longer than three weeks and frankly that can't be healthy. If someone held a Geiger counter to my hands, I fear it would explode with the strain. When Fallout: New Vegas comes out, well, I'm just plain screwed.

I have been thinking about why I enjoy this game so much, why I have spent so many long days and hours and weeks on it to the exclusion of actually doing something productive (which I'll come to later) and I have decided it is because of this: Fallout 3 is my ideal MMO.

A vast open world to explore? Things to collect? Vast range of clothing items and weapons to choose from? Quests by the bucket to complete, or not, at your leisure? A colourful and clearly imagined setting and history? All present and correct. And the best part of it? No other people to spoil it for me.

Anyhow, I could go into this in ridiculous detail but I'm sure you either already know what I'm going to say and think it obvious, know what I'm going to say and think me a fool or don't know what I'm going to say and don't care in any case.

What I am trying to say is I have FINALLY kicked myself into gear (second, perhaps, or bicycle fifth - I don't have a driving license). In preparation for a life and career of games design, and more immediately an internship in the 2011/12 academic year, I will make one significant accomplishment in games design-related projects every day.

And, messily tying the two topics together, my first project will be a location mod for Fallout 3. Starting tomorrow I will work my way around the GECK and arrange a series of rooms and corridors then add mechanic-based items like doors, computers and locks, following with NPCs and such... and so on and so forth. Maybe you'll be interested to read along as I keep this blog updated with my notes and thoughts on my progress and difficulties.

So, I'll see you tomorrow. Night.

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