Friday, 20 August 2010

Project 1 Day 6 - Number Crunching

Rooms and portals w/o statics
Short post today, I feel. Largely because I haven't done so much work today, and none yesterday, but also feeling rather unnecessarily wrecked and spending more time on other projects right this minute.

Anyway, what I have done is optimised Level 1 as best I can. This involves applying room makers to each room and corridor and connecting these blue cubes with portal markers, which are the grey rectangles in the graphic to the left. These markers tell the engine what to render at any given time, so only what is near the player is rendered, thus increasing the frame rate.

Rooms and portals w/ statics
Creating the markers is rather fiddly. Correctly aligning and sizing on the z-axis is a right pain, especially as I made each one individually, not realising they can be duplicated like other elements. Like I said in the last post, because I realise these things now, it will be faster and smoother the next time around.

Oh and there were a few little fixes including getting a working world map marker.

Right, tomorrow is a start on Level 2. Unless maybe it's time to start on a new project... no, definitely got to get this mod finished.

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