Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Path Gets a Prologue

It's not a demo, it's a prologue apparently.

If you're any kind of friend of mine you'll probably have got bored of me twittering on about Tale of Tales' delightful but horrific little independant game The Path. This interactive experience tells an intentionally obscure and confusing story in the Red Riding Hood fashion - six Little Red-like sisters are each sent in turn off to Grandmother's house and told to stay off the path. When they inevitably don't... well, I'll leave you to find out for yourself.

And now Tale of Tales have given up a prologue to The Path. It's simple, it's short and there's nothing really to do but it gives you a taste of the full games' style. Download it if you're unsure of it working on your computer - shouldn't be a problem for most people - but I recommend just going ahead and buying the full thing right away.

Download the prologue (PC or Mac) or just take the plunge and buy it ($10/£7.25/€7.90).

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