Sunday, 21 June 2009

Homework Assignment

There's been no new articles for a while and they may not be for another week because this is the end of my college year and I'm hurrying to get work finished before that another 36 weeks completely wasted. I may just get to university this year.

So while I'm working my keyboard into a fine oily dust, I have a homework assignment for you. You are to read Kieron Gillen's famous manifesto (not his word, but it applies) The New Games Journalism. It is the origin of the term New Games Journalism and a statement of intent for five years of personal, subjective articles from games enthusiasts and commentators. Required reading for anyone even tangentally interested in writing about games or people who write about games.

Responses on my desk by next week's lesson. (Just kidding, unless I decide to do a regular column highlighting key writings... we'll see)

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