Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Frozen Monkey Balls! New Old Monkey Island

Is it my birthday? It must me birthday, because I just got the greatest news. Lucasarts is returning to point-and-click adventures with a remake of the seminal Secret of Monkey Island, the game that made me a games player. Fancy graphics in the same style as the original, all new voice acting with the original cast, re-jiggered music and sound effects but all with the same actual game? Yes please!

More than that, they're chummying up with Telltale Games - the guys who reinvented Sam & Max and Wallace & Grommit - to bring us five new Guybrush Threepwood adventures, the Tales of Monkey Island. Not so excited about this as Telltale's work has always seemed very bland but who's to argue with more Monkey?!

And for your musical entertainment and auditory pleasure, I bring you the gentleman known as w3sp playing his interpretation of the Monkey Island 1 & 2 tunes. Lovely stuff.

[Via RPS]

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