Sunday, 31 May 2009

Of Journalism and Bitmob

RPS's regular Sunday Papers article (collecting interesting bits of news and writings from the previous week that haven't warrented a post of their own) pointed me in the direction of this article by Mike Suszek about how young games journalists (like me, I guess) are not getting the best help in developing the skills and getting into journalism.

What was more interesting, though, was the site this article was hosted on. "Bitmob? What's this?" I asked myself. Checking the About page I see it is a place for games enthusiasts and wanna-be journos to publish whatever smart or creative thoughts they have for public view. 
'We want Bitmob to be the best place for great content creators to build a reputation and get noticed -- by their peers, by our staff, and by the big world outside of Bitmob.'
Which all seems rather intriguing. And I wonder, should I give it a shot posting there? Perhaps just an article or two, showing the best pieces from this blog? Or maybe write things specifically for Bitmob, then link to them from here?

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  1. You should post original stuff on Bitmob, yes! -Demian