Monday, 25 May 2009


This blogging lark is easy! Let's see just how long I manage to keep it up...

So from a random idea I had not one hour ago, I have already set up a blog. Go me. Why, what's it about and why should you read it?

* Because I want to see if I can and I think it would be good practice and experience at making regular updates.

* PC games , both indie and mainstream. I'll also be talking about videogame culture and hopefully doing some actual pontification and semi-intelligent musings about all sorts of digital interactive entertainment-like ideas.

* The most difficult question to answer. All I can say is because maybe, just maybe, you'll find something I have to say or point you at the tiniest bit interesting. Who knows, I guess we'll find out together.

For that matter, I guess some of you are wondering who the bally heck I am! If you haven't looked to the right yet, let me inform you I am Chris Fox (Kast or Kastanok to the digital world) and I'm a bright little creative spark in the blinding galaxy of creative sparks that is the video games industry and the journalistic universe surrounding it. I hope to eventually become a games designer or games writer but for now games thinker will have to surfice. 

OK, let's get this show on the road!

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