Friday, 2 October 2009

Why Do You Play What You Play?

Through the wonders of the Twitter I have been directed to an interesting little personality test of sorts for gamers. BrainHex is intended to help 'study the reasons why players enjoy different gaming experiences'. You just answer a couple of pages of short questions and they tell you what kind of gamer you are (Daredevil, Seeker, Mastermind etc).

I'm a Survivor-Seeker myself. Not reading those pages, I can tell you I like games that strike fear in me, make me panic or stressed at times. A few examples come to mind: the Thief series, System Shock 2, Silent Hill series (apparently a favourite amongst my type) and moments of other games like the subterranean bits in Stalker.

I'm also a big fan of games that make me feel wonder and amazement (lending to my Seeker nature). I've lost count of the times I've gotten horrible killed in WoW because I wandered off to look at the pretty forests. Or how many times I'd travel half-way across the map in Far Cry 2 just to watch the sun come up from my favourite spot.

So, enough about me. What's your type? And what examples of that behaviour do you see in your gaming habits?

Take the test!


  1. Not sure I agree but I am a Mastermind, and Mastermind seeker... think I leant to heavily on problem solving things, which I enjoy but maybe rated above the emotional stuff that I really enjoy. I also have No Commitment as my opposite. Maybe because I hate the feeling of being asked to complete every thing. I do it, but hate it. Maybe I am actually a masochism seeker...

  2. Nice test ! Here are my results :

    BrainHex Class is "Seeker".
    BrainHex Sub-Class is "Seeker-Survivor".

    The comments given by the test result sound pretty familiar to me. I like things that fear me, make me scream and run until I reach a safe point. I dislike "collecting" game and other kind of game that push you to "complete 100%" of a game, just to tell that I finished ALL the game... I rather enjoy games where I am free to discover the wolrd at my own risk !

    Thank for this test, it is a nice one !