Thursday, 22 October 2009

Going Underground (Again, And In Moscow)

Take an ounce of vault-dwelling hero thrust into the greater world from Fallout, a kilogram of subterranean network of subway train tunnels from Hellgate: London and all the grit, bleak horror and vodka you can extract from a serving of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., mix it all together and you might come out with something that strongly resembles Metro 2033, THQ's newly announced post-apocalyptic shooter from their Ukranian developers, 4A Games.

It's 2033 (as you might have already guessed) and Russia if not the world is in a state of what appears to be nuclear winter after an event spoken of as 'The Blast'. The survivors and their children live in what remains of the extensive subway system beneath the streets of Moscow. But of course something will disturb this state of affairs and your character, a man who was but a child at the time of the Blast, must venture out into the wider metro system and above into the wasted streets. So that'll be fun. We can expect lots of shooting and exploring and, because it's a Ukranian game, searching for food and other necessities of life.

To go with the game's public announcement, you can view a trailer at the its' website. A few thoughts: a trailer for a post apocalyptic game which opens with a slow pull-back shot from a single lightbulb? Where have I seen that before? It's interesting to compare the style and number of people in this Russian vault with that seen in the beginning of Fallout 3 - social psychology on display, perhaps. Lastly, note the exposed rounds visible in the submachine gun's magazine: this suggests a largely HUD-free experience which is often nice.

This is something I will certainly be watching closely, if only to see what different angle 4A takes from GSC's Stalker and from Western post-apocalyptic games.

[Via those handsome chaps at RPS]

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