Wednesday, 3 March 2010

More Portal News

Adam Foster has been confirmed as the creator of (at least part of) the Portal ARG. Also known as: I (and x hundred other people) flippin' called it!

Compare the images below, after the jump. The 1st and 3rd images, the clean ones, are taken from Adam Foster's Robots and Retro flickr set. The 2nd and 4th images, the 'corrupted' ones are two of those derived from the dinosaur sound files.

Credit for this discover apparently goes to juniadkhan from French forum CanardPC, though I can't verify that.

But more than that, it turns out there is also a new ending to Portal. Following another update, this one reading '', players discovered a slight addition to the final shot, after the destruction of GlaDOS. Video embedded below for your convenience.

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