Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Rapture: The Untold Story - BioShock 2 Character Interview

I've been avoiding learning too much about BioShock 2 (or Mass Effect 2, for that matter), intending to come to it fresh when it is released on - woh! - only February 9th. However when an interview with BS2's Lead Designer, Jordan Thomas, appears on my radar I can't turn it down.

Thomas excitedly expands upon some of the conceptual and philosophical backgrounds of the game's key characters and compares them with some of the people we 'met' the first time through Rapture.
'There was a concious effort on the part of Ken [Levine] and the guys to make sure the voices you heard were very strongly differentiated from each other 'cause they all live in Radio Land.'
Video after the jump.

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